MS Dynamics 365 + Freshdesk - deeper integrations for your CRM and help desk platforms.

MS Dynamics 365 + Freshdesk - deeper integrations for your CRM and help desk platforms.

Now your customer support team can access relevant customer data.

At SoftwareDevTools we believe that collaboration is part of the digital transformation in all organizations. But collaboration is not an easy task. There are a lot of systems and platforms that do not “talk to each other” and many of us have felt the frustration of having limited access to vital information.

Customer data is the lifeline of every company and specifically those that have a sales and customer support teams handling multiple client accounts. Inside every organization, there is a network of people that are your users and customers that want to have a great experience interacting with their service or vendor providers. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides the tools needed to maintain and nurture such relations.

MS Dynamics 365 in Freshdesk

One of the biggest CRM platforms is Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a cloud CRM service that organizations use to manage all of their customer data in one repository. The benefit of having all your organization’s data in the cloud is that it can easily be accessed by third-party software cloud applications. That is why we are releasing the Dynamics 365 CRM app for Freshdesk, so customer and sales teams can sync Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients and account information into their help desk platform.

Customer support powered by Dynamics data.

Teams need to have the right information from their CRM platform in order for support agents to have the right context so that every interaction with a customer can be engaging. The lack of information between agents and clients results in a poor communication, generating frustration on the customer side.

When we started building this integration between Dynamics and Freshdesk, we wanted to give full control to the system administrators to import all the relevant information from their CRM to their help desk platform. So we focused on creating the best mapping workflow so they could choose which fields to import to Freshdesk and also enable them to filter each one, we did this by creating what a Flow in Azure, so you can create a custom XML file to configure the information you want to sync into your customer support platform.

Freshdesk + Dynamics fieldmap
Freshdesk + Dynamics fieldmap2

By having all the important information at your support agent's disposal, you will be guaranteeing them to have the necessary data to make those sales and support issues more efficient. Your team will always have their customer and accounts data updated daily, that means that there will not be any information holes during all your interactions with your users and clients.

Relevant customer data for your sales and support teams.

Once you sync all the information from Dynamics to Freshdesk your team will have certainty that all the information they have access is in-sync on both platforms and this will be the foundation for your teams to collaborate and create better sales or customer support processes that can impact your business.

What many see as a complex procedure in making integrations is during the setup process, working with CRM systems is not an easy task. Our team had this in mind since the initial design process of the Dynamics 365 CRM app for Freshdesk, using Microsoft Flow made a lot of sense since system administrators are already used to working with this Microsoft cloud service and Dynamics 365 has a lot of automated workflows available in its directory.

Freshdesk + Dynamics Sidebar

Now you will have all the information you need from your Microsoft Dynamics at the fingertips of your support and sales agents. No more missing information from customers, and accounts; all the data will be synced in Freshdesk.

Try it out and let us know what you think of the Dynamics 365 CRM app for Freshdesk.

We want to help your teams collaborate and deliver better customer and sales support.

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