Manage and respond your MercadoLibre’s customers using the power of Freshdesk’s feature rich Service Desk.

Manage and respond your MercadoLibre’s customers using the power of Freshdesk’s feature rich Service Desk.

Mercado Libre is Latin America’s most popular e-commerce site. For measure, it had 174.2 M users in 2016. That’s a lot of buyers, a lot of sellers, making a lot of transactions. But for every transaction, there’s a whole lot of interactions. And if your MercadoLibre business is booming, then you have a lot of user interactions with your brand that you want to stay on top of.

According to owner Marcos Galperín: “We see stable, predictable growth rates of 20% to 30% per year.”

Your MercadoLibre store is a great marketplace, but you know it has limited customer support capabilities. But since MercadoLibre allowed API’s to work with their platform we decided to build an integration with Freshdesk’s Service Desk.

Large vendors with dedicated support teams using Freshdesk must manage messages in two platforms simultaneously. This constant switch between platforms creates a delay in the response time damaging the customer experience.

As a store owner, managing your Customer’s Experience using Freshdesk will save tons of time. Not only all of your customer messages in MercadoLibre’s portal will be synced to Freshdesk as tickets, but also relevant product, order and customer information to deliver exceptional support will be available in Freshdesk’s Sidebar. Agents’ follow-up in Freshdesk will be posted in MercadoLibre as responses to users’ questions and requests.

E-commerce businesses that can’t keep up with their shoppers’ ever-growing demands will see their traffic decline and their sales suffer.

These tools combined give you superpowers to implement any kind of Customer Success strategy, and also accurate KPI’s to measure your results. It’s two great tools working together for a much better Customer Experience. You have to try it now and leverage the powerful reporting capabilities of Freshdesk, while saving a lot of your team member’s time.

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