Freshday in Santiago de Chile.

Freshday in Santiago de Chile.

Last week, part of the SoftwareDevTools team had the opportunity to make it to Santiago de Chile for a special event: #FreshDay19.

Freshday is a special all-day event to talk about everything Freshworks for their Latin American user base. It is obviously sponsored by Freshworks and is hosted by its regional partner ZENLatAm.

Freshday santiago

The Freshday event took place at the W hotel in Santiago de Chile. A very nice venue. It was a very nice experience. We also had a chance to talk to some experimented Freshwork's users and find out more about different use cases and how do they make use of Freshworks platforms: Freshdesk & Freshservice.

We were invited and couldn't let this chance go away. We have just launched an integration for MercadoLibre and Freshdesk. Mercado Libre is LatAms largest marketplace with over 174 MILLION users in 2016. This is a challenge we were looking for a while back.

By integrating Mercado libre and Freshdesk we are connecting the largest store in Latin America with a helpdesk platform, giving sellers across the platform, superpowers for Customer Success strategies. Saves time, Standardizes interactions and helpful reporting features bring a lot to the table towards Mercado Libre's limited support capacities.

If you're interested you can add it to you Mercado Libre store through its marketplace. Or find it in the Freshdesk's marketplace.

During the event, the Freshworks team shared how they are focused on helping customers engage their customers at every step of their journey through unified support, sales, marketing, and success platforms. They also displayed the magic of Freddy, Freshdesk's omnichannel bot, so the audience could see the next era of customer engagement.

In our presentation, we talked about the importance of achieving customer loyalty through exceptional customer support; and how our integration helps MercadoLibre vendors to overcome this challenge.

Freshworks + Softwaredevtools team.

A very important part of the trip was visiting MercadoLibre's offices in Santiago to discuss upcoming improvements for our app, such as managing claims and returns in addition to questions and post-sale messages.

We also held meetings with e-commerce companies, such as Yapo and to learn more about their experience in this industry and their customer support processes. We're looking forward to improve these processes for other companies in LatAm.

Overall a great opportunity to share and get to know Latin America's tech scene. Freshworks is going global and Latin America is key for them. We're proud of being part of this journey. Check out what is our Mercado Libre + Freshdesk integration all about in our video, below:

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Also, make sure to check out Trello + Freshservice integration in the Trello Marketplace and in the Freshservice Marketplace.

Transparency and immediate communication for them all! Those are just one of the many improvements your teams will instantly feel when syncing your Freshservice Service Desk to another team’s Trello boards.

PS. We've already delivered a great Freshdesk + Trello integration that has helped hundreds of teams worldwide. Check us out! We're even a featured power-up in Trello and a top productivity booster in Freshworks blog