World Retrospective Day

World Retrospective Day

February 6th is a special day for the Agile community worldwide. February 6th was the #WorldRetrospectiveDay, a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of retrospectives in different communities. And SoftwareDevTools is proud to have been part of it. we took the chance to share best practices, to show off our Agile Retrospectives for Confluence and it's recently launched Jira version, but most of all, to listen to the community.

There were 69 World Retrospective Day events registered for 2018 and about 30 different countries around the globe. So yes, you can say it was a big event. Although we weren't all sharing the same venue, all of the people involved was eager to learn & share more about #Agile #Retrospectives.

There was a lot of action revolving around this global event. People all over the world took it to the social network to share their experience and interesting pointers being shared in each event. Here are a few tweets we gathered from around the world.

Denver drew a crowd and they talked about everything #Retros:

There were, of course, a few #Agile legends that were taking part in this #WorldRetroDay. Ben Linders was excited to see people sharing, and he did RT a few.
Of course, being the #AgileRetrospective legend she is, Diana Larsen was part of an event:

Some meetups got creative and shared some interesting techniques:

This was a global event. So people all over the world were involved. @AgilePeru shared some of their activities:

We were also part of the global community. In our Nearsoft office in México City, we hosted the @AgilesMexico meetup group and were able to share some great insights. During the event, we did several activities. Everything from organized discussions to a retrospective about retrospectives.

It was a great time to share best practices, and particularly for us, to share our tools (Agile Retrospectives for Confluence & Agile Retrospectives for Jira) with the community. But more than anything, it worked for us to find more insights into what people struggle with, and what they like about Retros.

We are constantly looking to improve our products, and this definitely helped us tap into an entire community, rather than just one person. It was very, very interesting to share with this group. We gathered information and look forward to putting it to use to improve the overall #Retrospective experience.

Here's what Marcelo Lujan, Agile Coach and Ágiles México member had to say about the event:

I like the idea of participating in an event that's organized at a global level and in a topic as important as continuous development since is part of the core Agile practices. I'd like more communication with other events or other communities within México. -Marcelo Luján @DiPutadas

Denisse was also there, and she had much to share about the experience:

In a retrospective, is essential to generate a trusting environment where people feel free to express, based on the search for the team's continuous improvement and reaching a common goal.
I loved taking part of this World Retrospective Day meetup. It was an open conversation, where we heard the experience of the more seasoned attendees, and also the questions of people that are just getting started. -Denisse Jimenez @diabolicca

Overall, we had a great time and we can't wait to share more about what we learned. Stay tuned for more about Agile Retrospectives.

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