Trello boards & Freshservice Service Desk, a match made in IT heaven.

Trello boards & Freshservice Service Desk, a match made in IT heaven.

We’ve already talked about how cross-platform collaboration is the next step towards a modern ITSM. Cross-platform collaboration is necessary if you want your ITSM team to stay updated regarding the work of other areas, and Trello is definitely the PM tool used by most teams in any area. We’ve discussed how connecting your Freshservice Service Desk to a PM tool like Trello will improve your team’s ticket resolution, but there’s a lot more to it!

Using your Freshservice service desk and connecting it to a powerful and visual PM tool like Trello allows for new ways of organizing your work, and for your teams to be more synchronized and save crucial time.


The first way to improve your workflows in Freshservice service desk is to use Trello as a visualization tool for your tickets.
Trello is a great Project Management tool, using cards to follow up on tasks needed. But the problem is that the platform itself is a silo: you’re not able to get updates and communicate with other teams not using Trello.
Unless you use a Power-Up that connects to your other team’s platform. That’s where we come in.

The trello + Freshservice integration allows for both platforms to be synced and your teams to be aware of the work progress.
Your cards will have a distinctive Freshservice icon when they have a ticket linked. Making it easy to visually identify when looking at the board.

The best part is upon opening the card. You will actually see the ticket’s title and description, including its status, due date & assigned Freshservice agents. All of this relevant information allows for a better workflow and improved collaboration times amongst teams.

Time Saved = $$$$$

Using your Freshservice service desk and your Trello PM tool is a match made in heaven. Freshservice + Trello gives your team the main advantages of a Trello board:

  • Full Visibility over tasks: Easily identify which cards have a ticket linked and what’s the status.
  • Flexibility to rearrange work as needed: Move the card and the tickets linked. Assign a ticket to several cards. Make as many changes as needed.
  • Ability and inspiration to instantly make changes to your workflow: Having a visual reference of the tickets and their status will definitely help your team spur a bunch of new ideas to improve your workflow.

This is just one of the many improvements your teams will instantly feel when syncing your Freshservice Service Desk to another team’s Trello boards. Transparency and immediate communication for them all!

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