The importance of Agile Communities. A conversation with Reese Schmit

The importance of Agile Communities. A conversation with Reese Schmit

SoftwareDevTools publishes #AgileTalks. A series of video interviews with Agilistas worldwide. We discuss several topics that are of interest for Agile methodologies practitioners.

On one of our latest conversations, we had the chance to sit down with Reese Schmit to discuss the importance of Agile communities. Reese is an Agile Coach at Agile Velocity & Program Chair for Agile Austin (One of the most active Agile communities there are), so she knows a thing or two about Agile communities.

What's the deal with Agile Methodology communities? Are they worth my time?

Agile communities & User groups are invaluable. A huge source of network and knowledge where everyone's invited to learn and share in a relaxed and trusting environment.

A great chance to meet and hear from experienced Agilistas who are eager to share their findings and best practices. That's the most valuable aspect of Agile communities. As Reese shares:

"When I started, all I had was books, not communities. All of the books are written for people that are getting started. What happens when you're a year in? What happens when culture hits the book? There was no one to ask this questions from."

Having the ability & opportunity to meet all these folks in the communities is incredible and invaluable.

Check out the video interview here to find out more about the real value of Agile methodology communities and the work that Agile Austin is doing to spread the knowledge.

If you are ever in Austin, don't forget to check Agile Austin's meetup page to find out what events they have for the week. They usually have more than one weekly event from any of their special interest groups: "We have 12 special interests groups like DevOps, ScrumMaster, QA, Coaching, Scaling, leaders, etc. plus a monthly meeting with a broader topic."

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