Automate Your Daily Stand-Ups with StandBot's Customization Features

Automate Your Daily Stand-Ups with StandBot's Customization Features

Hybrid work came to stay. When rightfully executed, it can lead to year-on-year productivity improvement rates of even 13%, as this Great Place to Work two-year study states. A set-up that meets both in-person and remote facilities needs should allow your team to keep an Agile communication flow, especially during Sprints. One essential tool for that are daily stand-ups.

While video meeting tools are fantastic, Stand-ups dynamic, fast and data-packed nature can be brutal to replicate through them. Luckily for you, Stand-Bot has you covered. Let's take a deep look at it.

Topics to check:

  1. How Stand-Bot works
  2. Stand-Bot Premium features
  3. Helping hybrid teams evolve
  4. Stand-bot at its best

How Stand-Bot works

We, at SoftwareDevTools, designed it to mitigate the same issue we faced: How to make more effective Daily Stand-ups with a team that works remotely and in different time zones, in some cases with even 2 hours of difference? Solving that problem was the primary source of inspiration for it.

The result is a bot that gathers information on how your team is doing. It is based on the 3 Agile Stand-up questions:

  • What are you working on today?
  • What will you work on tomorrow?
  • Do you have any blockers?

You can learn more about how to conduct your stand-ups here.

It essentially goes and starts a Slack conversation with every person you set it to do so. It asks if the person is ready; if yes, then asks the questions. If there are no updates, it skips him or her. If there is no response, it will come back later.

Check how it works in this video:

As Stand-Bot is an automation tool, you can rely on it running whenever you configure it to do so. And speaking about it: Type some simple Slack commands, and you will be good to start using it. (Check the command list here). It can even replace your Daily Stand-up meetings and save you several precious minutes per day, which teammates and managers will equally appreciate.

Stand-Bot Premium features

If you work in a team with over 10 or more mates, you should consider trying our upcoming Premium version. It includes unique features that make it easier for remote teams to keep synced with data on past sessions, which can be used for your Retros or even a project Post-Mortem.

Stand-Bot has facilitated more than 470K Stand-ups for companies such as Stackify, Algorithmia, and Online Visions due to its intuitiveness and simplicity to start using it straight out of the box. Along with mentioned capabilities, it can also connect to your Jira projects and even let the addition of Jira issues to your status reports for a broader picture with details of how the Sprint develops. It is also designed to help you do proper follow-ups.

Add it to your Slack here!

Helping Hybrid teams evolve

This new work style has got more support from workers, who claim that it should be embraced by the organization they work for, so they can keep a proper work-life balance. Not doing so can harm the collaborators' perspective on the company, causing unconformity and internal struggles.

Just look at what happened inside Apple on June 2021, when the company told employees they would be required to attend the office at least 3 days a week, as reported by The Verge. Some of them even quit.

Being prepared for this challenge is essential. Stand-Bot is ready to help you go for it, as it has done with lots of teams across the world, with active users distributed across more than 50 countries, most of them located in the US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Mexico. Some even chose to omit all their Daily Stand-up meetings and let Stand-Bot do the job, saving them time and money.

Stand-Bot can grant you more time for planning, detecting opportunities, and working on clearing Blockers so your team can successfully meet the Sprint deadline. It also maintains everybody involved in the loop to learn about essential updates without you needing to type repetitive posts over. It is a matter of delegating chores to this bud so you can get creative on higher-level stuff.

Stand-Bot at its best

It is not only about helping teams worldwide but also how. First of all, even though Stand-Bot design is based on Agile frameworks, it can aid all kinds of organizations, not just Software Developers. Companies from different industries, such as insurance agencies, fintech services, video entertainment, and power supply manufacturing, use it.

As stated, some users dropped their daily stand-up meetings and got Stand-Bot to do the trick. However, that does not mean that collaborators get isolated, as the Slack channel where Stand-Bot publishes its updates serves as a sync spot for everyone where discussions can spark, and people can identify others' focus and possible relevance for their own progress.


The best property, however, is that you can develop your approaches to work with it. SDT team is always happy to learn how it could be better for you. Try the Premium version for 30-days, power-up with its Jira integration, and let us know how your experience goes. We would love to hear about it.

Highlights summary

  • ==Stand-Bot can help you automate your daily stand-ups, saving time and avoiding disruptions to your team’s schedule. ==

  • Generally, stand-ups are daily held. But it all depends on your needs. You could host them twice or thrice a week, and use Stand-Bot to collect the data during the days with no meeting.

  • There is a chance your team could replace them with Stand-Bot’s automated sessions, which will definitely give some hours back per week.

Are you adopting or looking to improve your Agile practices? Is your team remote? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you should check out our products for distributed teams. We focus on making communication more effective and easier for remote teams.

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