Transparency in your dev team increases performance and saves money.

Transparency in your dev team increases performance and saves money.

Keeping your team's work fully transparent for every member is crucial. This will help you stay away from a lot of inefficiencies in your team that come from a team member not knowing the status of another's work. Transparency helps to avoid these work bottlenecks and to find and fix blockers right away.

This is even more important for remote teams, who work different time-zones but may not have the opportunity to have an in-person meeting.

Daily updates keep your team informed and synced about what's on everyone's plate and their status, so they can plan accordingly. Having a team distributed across several time-zones means that sometimes, communication takes a long time. And not having transparency can really slow things down. You're not talking minutes here. It's hours, even days.

Automated asynchronous updates in Slack. Featuring a JIRA integration.

Stand.Bot is the slack bot that we created to automate daily team updates using Slack.

"Stand-bot allows teams to run asynchronous dailies where team members share updates on the tasks they’ve been working on, what has been completed and if there are any blockers while updating them on assigned Jira issues to track performance."

It's a powerful tool for remote teams. It lets you set recurrent reminders for your team to give you an update about their work by answering some questions. Easy peasy.

No matter what time zone they are, the ENTIRE TEAM always has access to updated information about the status of everyone's work (not just the Scrum Master).

A Slack-bot with a Jira Integration.

Even better, with the Slack and JIRA integration, you can quote your assigned JIRA tasks and provide an update about your work.

It's super easy. Each team member gets a quick view of all of their assigned Jira tickets, so you can report what you’ve worked on and what you’ll be tackling. Your team can send their update at a time that works for them in their timezone and you can review it anytime.

Stand-bot keeps your stand-up reports inside Jira, so you can track your team’s progress. and review historical progress.

Time for your remote team to try our Stand.Bot in Slack completely free to use!!!
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