Moving our bot from Stride to Slack Part II

Moving our bot from Stride to Slack Part II

Last year Atlassian announced the acquisition of all of the Stride and Hip-Chat intellectual property by Slack. A decision that definitely caught us, SoftwareDevTools, and other Developers of Stride apps by surprise. However, at that time, we already had a Slack version of that very same bot we developed for Stride (Although it was working on Cloud only). So we got started with a daunting task, Moving our Stride users to the Slack platform. Here's how we did it.

User Reach Out

First thing first. Our Stride users were all notified of the Atlassian decision and their teams would have to make a decision to which platform to migrate to. We knew we wouldn’t be able to have much inference over that decision. But we HAD to lure those moving to Slack, to continue using our app (A Slack and Jira integration).

While there were many teams that ultimately end up using other chat platforms, definitely most of our users ended up using Slack. After teams confirmed they’d use Slack, that was our queue to get moving.

A smooth transition

We wanted to make sure every team that decided to continue using our Stand.Bot in Slack had a smooth platform transition. We came up with a simple process for teams to transition to Slack and not to lose any of the information they had generated from using our bot in Stride.
A simple form to be filled to let us know what date would they be transitioning and at the click of a button, your app information was made available in Slack. Nothing more to stress about.

Introducing Stand.Bot for JIRA Server.

The most important feature of Stand.Bot for us has always been the JIRA integration.
This was very well received in the Stride ecosystem. We were the 3rd largest install base in Stride, and so we managed to gather a lot of feedback and we knew this is a must.

Having our bot integrated to Slack and JIRA is a great time saver: You can easily import your JIRA backlog into your team’s Slack group and use the same platform to reference each team member and their assigned Jira issues. At the same time, this information will be available in Jira for future reference.

For quite some time we’ve had trial users asking for the Server version (since this was only available for JIRA cloud). Well, we got to work and it’s been a while since our Stand.Bot for Slack (It's great for Standups in Slack), is now available for JIRA server!. A great improvement for super easy & efficient team follow up.

Continued Support

We’re upping our game for this year, and since we have been working in different products, we are launching a dedicated Customer Success team. This means, that if at any point you need us to provide some support, just reach out to us, using this link.

In conclusion:

The news of the Stride app being discontinued was certainly abrupt. But we are convinced that working with Atlassian is the way to go. Jira was recently listed as one of the Top 10 most popular business app of 2018 and the Atlassian brand listed as one of the Top 10 fastest-growing business apps of 2018. So, we’re sure there’s not going to be a shortage of teams using it. Trust us, Slack + JIRA are a match made in heaven for Agile teams working remotely.

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