How to drastically improve your IT service desk SLA using Freshservice + Trello.

How to drastically improve your IT service desk SLA using Freshservice + Trello.

Multi-platform collaboration for faster ticket resolution.

Don't you feel like your IT service desk needs a bit of improvement? Sure, using a platform like FreshService you will have contact information and everything you need to know about the contact & the specific request. But what happens when your IT team needs to collaborate with another team? Or even within the team, but they need to update another platform, like say... Trello?

Here's when things start to get messy... Collaboration with other platforms requires additional effort & synchronization. Which translates to Money and inefficiency. It's easy to see why:

  • The additional effort requires time, which in turn translates to money. Your team needs to be on two platforms at a time, and update information on both of them. Sure, it's a simple update, but if you consider the number of tickets that need to be updated in two platforms, it becomes a snowball.

  • Synchronization is needed between teams. Everybody needs to be on the same page. And doing so, as mentioned above, means updating two or more platforms. This can easily turn into a game of "Chinese Whispers", leaving everyone with different information which can be incorrect or incomplete. This is a waste of time for everyone involved. Not to mention it can also mean that the wrong resolution is provided. Yikes!

Create & insert Freshservice tickets in Trello cards and drastically improve resolution time.

How to improve collaboration in your IT Service desk team?

SoftwareDevTools has come up with a solution for your team:

We've built a new integration for Freshservice + Trello!

Freshservice+Trello Power-up

Our solution will allow your team to create & insert Freshservice tickets in Trello cards and also insert Trello cards in your Freshservice tickets! Syncing Freshservice and Trello cards contribute to a more organized service desk. All the information you need, on the same platform.

No more miscommunication as everyone involved will have full visibility over the issue and what actions have been taken to resolve it. This not only improves your resolution time, but it will certainly improve the communication with the user filing the ticket. A great tool for you to focus on providing great service and resolving tickets a lot faster with a much happier user.

Align priorities and tasks across teams using Freshservice + Trello app. Drastically improving your team’s SLA.

We've already built a Freshdesk + Trello integration with great results: Hundreds (thousands?) of teams use our integration every day in order to improve the way they collaborate with other areas and even within their team. Freshworks' clients saw the value in it and we have since received suggestions to build the tool for Freshservice. We decided to get to work and deliver!

Easily resolve tickets through collaboration. Improved SLA: Save time and reduce escalations.

Freshservice + Trello enables two-way communication between the platforms for inter-teams collaboration in your organization. Now everyone will have access to all pertinent ticket information including that which is in Trello (or vice-versa). All the information you can possibly need about an issue or a user will be right at your fingertips. What you need, when you need it.

What are you waiting for? Time to improve your IT team's efficiency. Set them up for success and focus on what really matters for your team.

Try our Freshservice + Trello integration right now! IT's engaging and super easy to use! Get your team on the way to improved results!


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