Embracing Agile: A Harvard Business Review Review. Part 3.

Embracing Agile: A Harvard Business Review Review. Part 3.

SoftwareDevTools is making a Harvard Business Review Review (catchy title, huh!?).
In 2016, #Agile legend Jeff Sutherland wrote an article with Management Experts Darrell K. Rigby, & Hirotaka Takeuchi, the article is called: "Embracing Agile".

In the article, the authors describe 6 crucial practices for leaders to adopt in order to capitalize the full Agile's potential. In this series of posts, SoftwareDevTools analyzes each.


As you can tell by the software products we build, we are looking to make Agile practices easier for remote teams in different platforms like Atlassian Confluence, Jira or Slack. But we are also always looking for ways to share Agile's best practices worldwide with our blog, and by supporting Agile communities and events.

This is the third part of a 6 part series. Here's part 1 & part 2. Subscribe to our blog or follow us on social networks for more.

Part 3: Start Small and Let the Word Spread

Sutherland, et al., have tons of experience training teams and organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. From these experiences, they recognize (as perhaps many experienced agile practitioners have) that it's easier to adopt #Agile in smaller organizations.
Changing a program in a large organization is usually a massive 'all-at-once' effort.

The authors tell us that it's best to start small. Usually with IT, where the conditions are most favorable and the developers are likely to be already familiar with Agile practices. When you start with a small group, with the right conditions, you can focus your efforts on training that group. Then Agile can spread to another function, with the original practitioners acting as coaches.

Each success seems to create a group of passionate evangelists who can hardly wait to tell others in the organization how well agile works. [^n]

This network effect allows you to adopt Agile practices within your organization, with the most efficient use of your resources. And the teams get noticed. Success like this attracts attention.

If you are thinking about making a case for adoption of Agile practices in your organization, starting small will require fewer efforts upfront, which is a compelling case. But it'll be up to you and that initial team to plant the #Agile seed. If your team is remote, then make sure to help your team with their #Agile Adoption. Check out SoftwareDevTools.com.

This is part 3 of a series of blog posts. Here's Part 1 & 2. Stay tuned for part 4: Allow “Master” Teams to Customize Their Practices

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