SoftwareDevTools in Deliver:Agile 2018

SoftwareDevTools in Deliver:Agile 2018

The SoftwareDevTools team is a proud sponsor for this year's Deliver:Agile conference!

Deliver:Agile 2018

Deliver:Agile 2018 is the Agile Alliance's yearly technical conference, focusing on Agile engineering practices. This conference is all about the doing, the building and the creating.
500+ Agile professionals for 3 days in Austin, Texas!

New challenges and new directions need new tools and techniques, new patterns, and new practices.
"deliver:Agile 2018" will provide a space for practitioners in all involved fields to gather, present, and discuss
advances, learn from experts, and practice the craft together. -Phil Brock.

We are all set for this incredible event. We hope to connect with may Agile professionals to share & learn from.

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of Agile with our tools. In order to do that, we continue learning from the best, and the best will be at deliver:Agile 2018. See you there!

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Trying to improve your #Agile practices? OR are you getting started with Agile? In a remote team? Check out our products for Agile teams at SoftwareDevTools. We focus on making agile ceremonies more effective and easier to adopt for remote teams.

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