Cross-platform collaboration for intelligent ITSM: How better communication improves incident resolution.

Cross-platform collaboration for intelligent ITSM: How better communication improves incident resolution.

The importance of collaboration in your enterprise, shouldn’t be news to you. Even though IT has multiple sub-functions, and knowledge and teams are divided by specialties; in modern ITSM work is not divided into silos. Focusing on the end-to-end flow of work and the value that’s delivered to the final user means enabling agent-to-agent collaboration for improved efficiency and better ticket handling. Collaboration enables people to do their best work with others, in an open and visible manner.

Collaboration is key for modern ITSM.

An evolved service desk connects the pipelines for all parties involved in the incident, problem and change management process. While not all parties will use the same platform, the entire team should have visibility into the status of work-in-process tickets.

Multiplatform Collaboration

This is why SoftwareDevTools decided to tackle the challenge of collaboration in ITSM. We’ve recently been working with Freshworks & Atlassian's products and we were amazed by the possibilities of these platforms working together. We developed the Freshdesk + Trello integration and now we are releasing the Freshservice + Trello integration. Integrating Trello and Freshservice follows the collaboration premise and place work out in the open, visible to different groups, and inside their own management platform. Trello boards make it easy to see what work has been done, and what’s still outstanding so that everyone in different teams is kept up to date.

Freshservice + Trello

This is a major improvement for your incident management. On a recent interview, Dr. Tuuli Bell, from Tasktop Technologies said: “By encouraging people to speak to each other, they can throw around ideas of how they can help each other be more effective.” A good example is a typical issue that is unresolvable due to knowledge or access. This would turn into a lengthy escalation process. Having several teams work together or share priorities and tasks can turn that into an easy fix.

So, if your team is using Freshservice service desk for ITSM, connect with the rest of your organization and organize your work a lot better by using the Freshservice power-up + Trello app, now available in the Trello & Freshservice marketplace.

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