Confluence Add-ons that will Increase your Team’s Performance

Confluence Add-ons that will Increase your Team’s Performance

A while ago, Atlassian published a blog post under the title 4 Confluence add-ons to take your team’s collaboration to the next level.. We consider it to be helpful advice, specially for those teams who crave for more unified and better aligned workflows among teams.

Confluence may be really popular among developers and IT specialists, but outsiders from marketing, business development or even HR might not be used to its features or its general structure.

Considering this situation, we are doing a little recap of Atlassian’s listicle, adding some of our own taste to the recipe wishing it can help you further integrate the teams across your organization. May these bits of advice be helpful on your way to become more Agile.

Topics to check

  1. Atlassian’s top add-ons for team collaboration
    1-a. Agile Retrospectives for Confluence
    1-b. Atlas CRM for Confluence
    1-c. Refined Theme for Confluence

  2. Confluence add-ons we recommend
    2-a. Scrum Poker Estimates for Confluence
    2-b. ProductPlan Roadmap Software
    2-c. Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Cloud

1. Atlassian’s top add-ons for team collaboration

These apps are designed to help your teammates work better together and overall, being more organized, regardless of their area of expertise.

1-a. Agile Retrospectives for Confluence

We were truly excited to see our very own add-on, Agile Retrospectives for Confluence, featured in the list.

Agile Retrospectives for Confluence

It enables teams to run engaging retrospective sessions inside the Confluence platform with a helpful template. Team members can simultaneously input their ideas on what went right and wrong during the sprint to discuss each topic and vote for the most important ones. This is a great Agile tool for Confluence.

Once topics are discussed, action items are created collaboratively and assigned to the team members who will be in charge of executing them. At the end of the session, the team gets an easy-to-digest summary.

You’ll see that keeping track of the progress on action items is easy. They can be filtered by resolved and unresolved items and also by team members assigned to tasks.

Agile Retrospectives add-on

After this app was successfully launched, we received requests to mirror it in Jira, so we released Agile Retrospectives for... Jira. It's just such great tool to host retros within your Jira projects.

1-b. Atlas CRM for Confluence

Looking to improve the articulation between your sales and marketing teams while keeping everything documented in your single source of truth archive? Then this app is an ideal asset for your organization. It’s perfect for boosting collaboration and transparency over the sales processes.


With Atlas CRM you can find all documents of a customer in one place, regardless of the space they are in. Try it!

1-c. Refined Theme for Confluence

This add-on gives you the power to control the look and feel of your team spaces. It has pre-designed templates you can choose from or you can create your own so to match your brand’s personality or just makes your teammates feel more comfortable while doing their job.

Refined Theme

The best thing? It requires zero coding. Try it now.

2. Confluence add-ons we recommend

These are some of the supporting apps we have successfully used inside our operations, so we think they can be useful for you as well.

2.a Scrum Poker Estimates for Confluence

Scrum Poker Estimates is perfect for distributed Agile teams who use the Planning Poker technique to estimate on their software development tasks! The perfect Confluence agile sprint planning tool.

You can track your team’s progress and manage integrations using a simple dashboard.

Agile estimates template in confluence

Plus, its Jira integration allows you to import your backlogs from Jira and estimate them on your Confluence page. Try it here.

If you don't want to import your tasks to Confluence, and you'd rather have the estimation session directly inside your Jira project, we also created that version.

2.b ProductPlan Roadmap Software

This Confluence add-on lets you create and share live roadmaps in a gantt chart fashion with just a few clicks. You can easily drag and drop boards, milestones, containers, and lanes to build roadmaps in minutes.

Product Plan

Roadmaps can be updated in real-time and easily embedded into Confluence to help everybody stay updated about changes in scope or deadlines. Get it here.

2.c Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud

A great tool for simultaneously collaborating on UI specs. Its editor enables you to create mockups and wireframes from scratch and save them to a document page that the whole team can check or comment at anytime. Cheers for asynchronous communications!


You can even co-design in real-time. Try it now.

Using any other Confluence Add-ons with your team? Let us know which is your favorite in our social media comments section.

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