The new gen bots based on AI for customer support

The new gen bots based on AI for customer support

Last month Freshworks made their annual conference called #Refresh2018, and the SoftwareDevTools team was lucky enough to be there by invitation. A lot of things were introduced and shown. We had the chance to show off the work we've done with Trello by creating a Trello app for Freshservice & one for Freshdesk. But one of the most interesting things was their new AI driven Omnibot, called Freddy.

Omnibot Freddy

At first, it looks just like another helper bot. But the main difference will be the amount of data that can be linked because Freshworks has a Customer Support platform, an “IT” service platform, a sales platform, chat, and VoIP (That's a lot of platforms). If Freddy can really use all this data to help us in our day to day work, the possibilities are really amazing.

Freddy it’s called an omnibot because it works across all the Freshworks service. Based on a new concept: Customers360, that will allow sharing data between their different products. Freddy promises to help agents with a lot of the recurrent tasks. Example, if you are trying to close a new sale and you finish a call with a prospect, Freddy will suggest scheduling a follow-up call. But if the prospect is already a client and has needed technical support, Freddy can create a ticket with no interaction of the customer support Team. In AI the most important thing is the context and if Freshworks is sharing data between all their apps, the context will be shared also, so, the bot can determine if the user is giving support or trying close a new deal.

Freshdesk + Trello

The promise behind Freddy is to help customers, prospects and agents to find the most valuable data in the best moment, or suggest the most common action in some kind of circumstances. If an agent it’s in a phone call with a customer that needs tech support, Freddy can display a bunch of options to help the agent to find the real problem. For example, if the user has a problem with the Internet connection, Freddy can suggest to ask about the physical connections or do tests about connectivity and guide the agent step-by-step until they can find the real problem. Of course, this is not completely new, but the way all the data can be shared seems to work really good and can help agents to save time on simple questions and repeatable tasks and focus on more difficult or important cases. Looks interesting for a lot of use cases but probably some people still prefer the human side of the technology and they will search to speak with a human instead of a bot. Anyhow, Freddy it’s on public Beta now and you can start testing it, It’s useful enough? It’s smart enough? Is AI prepared to do this kind of tasks? Share your ideas with us and keep in touch.

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The SoftwareDevTools team and the Freshwork team.

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