SoftwareDevTools in Atlassian's App Week in Portland

SoftwareDevTools in Atlassian's App Week in Portland

It’s official! From June 11th to June 15th, the SoftwareDevTools team will be in Hipster capital of the world: Portland, OR. We are going to be one of a selective group of Atlassian’s Marketplace vendors taking part of Atlassian’s App week 2018. We are super excited because we’ve been attending these events (and have written about it in our blog before), and we are aware of the value that these events provide for companies like ours, who are building apps for any of Atlassian’s platforms, or any Marketplace at all, really. We have worked on many of our tools during these events like: Freshdesk + Trello app, our Stand.Bot, a bot for Stride that automates team updates, and Agile Retrospectives for Jira, a great app to host Agile Retrospectives inside your Jira project for super easy follow-up. We are joining 30+ companies that are going to be working alongside Atlassian’s developers and product leaders for a week of work, work and work! (Ok, there’s some fun time too).

Here’s a video from previous Atlassian events, when we worked with Trello + Fresdesk:

This time, we are working on an integration for Atlassian’s most recent acquisition. The digital board: Trello. We are looking to bring the powerful features of Trello boards & cards to the ITSM world, with an integration with Freshservice platform. Freshservice is Freshworks main platform for ITSM. We had been successfully working with Freshworks for a while now. They carry a great product with a big number of users and host a highly active marketplace. Our goal is to provide real-time sync between Freshservice platform and Trello by creating Trello cards from Freshservice tickets and vice versa. So if your team uses both these platforms, stay tuned for our upcoming integration, you will be saving a lot of time and are going to see an improvement in how your teams collaborate.

AppWeek is the perfect opportunity to work on our apps for the Atlassian Marketplace. AppWeeks (formerly known as ConnectWeek) are events organized by Atlassian and its goal is to bring together their internal know-how (Devs, PM’s, Designers, etc.) with the external teams working on integrations for their Marketplace like us, Comalatech, Deiser, and many, many more. We are going to have a chance of listening to Atlassian’s latest plans for best practices, design, and future plans. More than anything, we love the opportunity to receive feedback directly from the makers of the platform we are working with (This time its Trello). Atlassian also asks the attendees directly for feedback.

Portland is waiting for us!

We are looking forward to meeting with PM’s, the design team, and particularly Trello’s team. We are going to be working on an integration of Trello + Freshservice. We have built a successful integration of Trello + Freshdesk and there is something that keeps being brought up. We are sure many teams and people will benefit from such integration. If you’re interested, follow us on our networks for more updates on its release.

We will be updating our readers and the community about what’s going down at Atlassian’s App Week in Portland, stay tuned! Sign up and receive updates about our content :)

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