Why hosting Agile Retrospectives inside Jira or confluence is the best option for your remote team

Why hosting Agile Retrospectives inside Jira or confluence is the best option for your remote team

For your remote team to truly reach a point of iterative and incremental development using agile methodologies, you need to have the best possible agile retrospectives sessions. No way around that. Here are our reasons why the Agile Retrospectives for Jira or Agile Retros for Confluence add-ons can help your team in doing so, and at the same time being a sound business decision.

Leading a successful remote software development team using agile methodologies takes a lot of effort. The methodology values “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. In remote teams, tools and processes will give you the much-needed quality of interactions amongst individuals. Let’s face it, using a virtual board is not the same as using a whiteboard and post-its (That’s right, we said it.). Tools and processes become handy.

First of all, the king: Money.

And time is money. Thus, our add-ons for agile retrospectives save you money: having agile retros in a remote team without a collaborative template is just a waste of time. Not following up on the resulting action items is a continuous waste of time. And no evidence to show for is an utter waste of time for executive leadership… And you know what they say about time.

Our Agile retrospectives tools improve the efficacy and efficiency of Agile retros (Check out more way to improve your sessions, here). With features like Custom templates, custom voting schemes, a history of previous sessions along with the great advantage of having it available inside your preferred PM tool: Atlassian’s Jira or Confluence. Everything for your team to make the most out of every session with more meaningful discussions.

Improved follow-up: turn action items into jira or confluence tasks. Your team is already in jira or confluence. Why bother using yet another tool in yet another platform??.

Jira and confluence will help your team integrate their findings and proposed solutions to their daily workflow. Follow-up by visualizing action items and sorting them by Resolved action items, Unresolved action items, or by Team members assigned.

Really, what better way than to make sure resulting action items are followed up on than assign it to their jira backlog or their confluence tasks? Well, doing it collaboratively. Which takes us to our next point.

Improved engagement: Collaborative and transparent work.
It’s very valuable when the team collectively agree and witness the work being transparently assigned. A virtual board helps, but when the team agrees and assigns a task directly to your backlog, that’s a commitment. A commitment to your teammates.

3 simple features that will greatly improve your sessions' results!

It’s time for your team to fully reap the benefits of incremental improvements. These are just some of the benefits of our add-ons that will enable the quality of interactions needed, and ease the processing burden for better and more efficient results over time. Check us out in the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira and for Confluence (Server and cloud).

Agile Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence